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  • Jodi Lee

Worthiness & Worth Shame & Guilt

Anxiety and depression are topics I have been asked to speak on a lot lately

When I speak to large groups of youth specifically young women I start out by asking them if they know the difference between shame and guilt, worthiness and worth. MOST DO NOT know the difference, in fact, most women I speak with do NOT fully understand the difference. Our culture has made it a bit confusing.

Anxiety is usually a secondary emotion. It’s important to explore what’s going on underneath.

In my years of research and interviewing women and girls their anxiety almost always stems from a form of shame. .

It is important that they know the difference between guilt and shame. When feelings of guilt become obsessive they can quickly turn to Shame. It can get Confusing and blurred. This is what I call ”SHUILT”

please take time this week to sit down with your kids and explain the difference between guilt and shame, Worthiness and worth. .

There is a BIG Difference between them and KNOWING the difference can change EVERYTHING! .

I hope these visuals are helpful to you.

(From Jodi L. Nicholes upcoming Book)

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