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Jodi Nicholes grew up in a small-town community where life is simple, and the love is big.  As a child vocal prodigy, Jodi's professional music career began at the tender age of ten when she found herself singing and performing for thousands on the stages of Las Vegas, Nevada. In an industry that places value and worth on external validation, Jodi found herself in a state of confusion.


This led Jodi on a journey of self-discovery to better understand her divine identity and inherent worth. Jodi has dedicated the past twenty-five years and over twelve thousand hours to learning, researching, implementing, and teaching thousands how to cultivate their divine nature. Jodi believes genuine, long-lasting confidence can only come through living in our true identity.


Jodi has a gift for seeing the bigger picture and discovering eternal truths in the seemly ordinary moments of each day.  She learned early on from her mother and grandmother that it's in these seemly ordinary moments God speaks to us. He desperately wants to speak with us, but we are easily distracted by the commotion and busyness of life. When we meditate and practice mindfulness we develop heavenly eyesight, allowing us to see that God's love notes and fingerprints are everywhere! 

You'll find them in the laughter of a child, a breathtaking sunset, and the unique beauty of a single snowflake. Everything we have comes from Him, even the very breath we breathe! It's Jodi's hope that each of us can slow down and develop the ability to see God's beauty and light in the seemingly small moments of each day. She believes it's in these moments God whispers, I see you, I hear you, and you are loved!

Jodi is an award-winning vocalist, author, and speaker. Jodi studied Human development (Psychology) At Southern Utah University. She is a Certified CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) & REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy ) coach.

Jodi's family is her most prized possession. She resides in Lindon, Utah, with her husband and three children.

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