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  • Jodi Lee

The magic of life

The magic of life happens in those small, nameless moments that feel somewhat insignificant. Although they appear meager these moments are magic! They are the glue that helps mend our broken pieces. A smile from a stranger just when you need it most, a tired mother who patiently pushes her giggling toddler on the swing set, ”just one more time mama...peeeeas, he shouts!” a game of checkers with grandma, messy artwork covering your fridge, silly mustache faces, indulging in a late night bowl of cereal while wearing your favorite PJ's, and a morning kiss from someone you adore.

This is where the magic is found and love created. Unfortunately, most will never experience the magic that effortlessly floats about them each day. They are too caught up LOOKING at life through their worldly filters rather than SEEING the beauty of life through the heart of a child.- Jodi L. Nicholes .

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