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  • Jodi Lee

She Is Strength

It was an absolute privilege to support my Val girl and accompany her as her date/paparazzi as she spoke at Dr. Mark Jensen’s breast cancer luncheon. I walked in the room and found myself surrounded by incredible, strong, women... It's strong women and girls who change the world! .I couldn't help but think, THESE women know the meaning of resiliencbe!

A few weeks ago as Val began preparing for her speech, My advice to her was simple...... 1. Leave your audience with something they can take away (she left them with specific tips that have helped her and continue to help her get through hard things) 2. I told her there is no right or wrong. This is her story and she can share it however she chooses. As much or as little . 3. I truly believe the most important quality A person can have when sharing their story is the ability to be vulnerable and transparent. Not everyone can do that. I encouraged her to do so. . Just as she was about to go up and speak she leaned over to me & said: "I'm a little nervous" I leaned right back to her and said: "girl you just buried your husband and survived cancer twice! you can certainly do this."......And did she!

I can't remember the last time I felt so much gratitude and love in my heart for someone. As I listened and watched val give her speech I saw......a teacher, a survivor, a mother, widow, 2 x cancer survivor, workout enthusiast, sunset lover, sister, daughter, friend.....I saw STRENGTH! The most Vulnerable kind. And in my book that's the BEST kind. I have learned from watching Val that a person can be completely broken and brave all at the same time. She encompasses qualities us women should aspire to have. Thank you dear friend for sharing your light! I LOVE YOU and I am unbelievably proud of you and the incredible woman you ARE!

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