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  • Jodi Lee

My wish for you

(Advise for middle school)

Words for my Winnie

Middle school, we all remember it well. Here is my wish for you.

(My winn on the first day of 7th grade)

Middle school, we all remember it well. Here is my wish for you. .

Be Brave baby girl. Don't you let voices of the wind decide or determine who you are or who you will become. .

Live a life of purpose. Give everything you've got to each day. Perhaps your best today might not be as good as your best was yesterday. That is OKAY! So is life....When you are giving your all no matter the offering, it is ENOUGH, YOU are ENOUGH!

Never base your worth off of a test score, a bad moment, not making a team, or a bad day. Don't allow an unkind word from another seep so deeply into your heart that you believe it.

This is a time where Mr. Insecurity likes to make himself known. You will find him lurking and hiding in the shadows of others unkind words and hurtful behavior. And sometimes you may find him within yourself. .

The more you put yourself out there, stretch yourself, and grow, you will experience unkind behavior from others. .

Taylor Swift said it best: "People throw rocks at things that Shine" Don't you let the insecurities of others or insecurities within yourself keep you from Shining and Sharing your LIGHT! .

And when you feel like that light is dim, you think of ME! Think of all the incredible people who love you. Think of those who have gone on before you. Think of their strength and courage and remind yourself it's their blood running through your veins. You can do hard things. We are all cheering you on! .

Remind yourself that real success and happiness don't come from fancy clothes, a big home, awards, or accolades, but from genuine relationships with others, unconditional love, and Kindness. .

And at the end of the day when you might feel alone and perhaps unsure of yourself and who you are....remember, God made YOU exactly the way you are for a reason. From your silly dance moves and love of Neil Diamond, to your golden service heart. YOU are loved.....oh so LOVED. You've got this! .

Love, Mom

Jodi Lee

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