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  • Jodi Lee

Tiny Moments

To my Jude-a-bug, my baby boy, my little shadow,

Today you are 4 1/2, and tomorrow you'll be driving a car. I've been through this before. In a desperate plea I've begged time to stop, but it keeps on moving. In the day to day happenings of life things don't always seem like they move so quickly. Some days feel like an eternity and yet I close my eyes and you, my baby boy are now a 'big guy'. This morning I snuggled you while you were wearing your fireman-truck Pajamas, then I kissed your cheeks. I Breathed in the scent of your hair while listening to you tell me about your favorite toy. (a toy motorcycle) Then I told you I might cry because I will miss you so much while you are at school. You reassured me you'd come back, then gave me a kiss and went on your way. Tiny moments like this become our days which over months and years become our life. I hope to share beautiful, tiny moments forever with you, my little shadow.

Love, Mama

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