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  • Jodi Lee

You are a bad mom

”REAL" Mother's Day post......... We as Women base our worth as mothers on our worst experiences with our children. Despite my trying to simplify, things have been busy especially this last month. Below is a photo of me dropping my daughter off for a very important rehearsal 2 hours LATE!!!! For those who know me well, you know this is completely out of my character. And if that wasn't enough, my youngest had a fruit snack for breakfast while at his soccer game this morning.

The thing is, this has happened more than once this month. I find myself needing to be several places at one time. I've dropped the ball. And as my inner voice starts to shoot fiery darts of "You're a bad Mom," "Get it Together," "What's wrong with You" I stop and remind myself of those small moments. Singing in the car with my children, sending love text to one another and our late-night talks. I pray those small moments will fill in the cracks and those dark moments where we feel Unworthy will become distant memories. So, to all you mothers who are feeling unworthy as I am. Whether you're struggling with the terrible twos or a child with an addiction. Remind yourself of those small happy moments. I believe with all my heart it's in those moments a happy life is found.

Love, Jodi

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