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  • Jodi Lee

Love Notes From God

This is my special drawer, Full of love notes from God.

He delivered them to me through sweet, beautiful angels here on earth. Some are from people I do not know, some are from sweet friends, some are from fans I met briefly after a show. The list goes on......

Yesterday as I was preparing to speak to a large group of women , I gathered some of my love notes as part of my presentation. As I read through them I realized most of these notes are from women. Beautiful, strong, incredible, women. We all have an inner voice and it's usually not as positive as we would like it to be. We're so busy beating ourselves up the last thing we need is to tear each other down. Us, women, we need each other! The next time you see a friend, go beyond the exterior and take the time to write her a handwritten note telling her how much you admire her and why. Tell her she's extraordinary but most importantly tell her she is enough. When you find yourself in a whirlwind of negative thoughts go pull out your drawer of love notes from God and remind yourself of why YOU are enough!

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