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  • Jodi Lee

Brave girls become strong women who STAND!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to a stake of incredible women and girls. This particular fireside was extra special for me as it was in my hometown.

The Theme

Be Brave, Stand Up & Stand Out

I can't describe what it felt like being in my hometown, surrounded by amazing girls and women in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Tushar Mountain.

Here are a few things a shared with the girls


There will be times in your life where you will feel overwhelm and unsure of yourself, in those times remind yourself of your Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Think of their endurance and courage and it will gives you the strength to move forward and accomplish the task at hand.. There are those of you in circumstances where you do not know of your family history, or maybe you're not proud of where you come from. Remember, you can be the pioneer (a person who is among the first to do something) in your family. Be the one that your great, great granddaughter looks up to for strength.


You are unique and special. Stop comparing the worst parts of yourself to the best parts of those around you. . This world needs YOU! Please don't spend time doubting who you are or what you can and can't do. All people want is for you to share your authentic self, the REAL you! If you have doubts, shake them off, you already have something incredibly special to offer just by being YOU! Take time to make note of at least 5-6 times this week when you feel most joyful, alive and part of something much bigger than yourself. Look back over your notes and you will start to see a theme. Whatever this "theme" is it's leading you to your calling and life purpose.


It’s important that you know how incredible you are. Your worth has absolutely nothing to do with how well you sing, dance, score on a test or how well you kick a soccer ball. NOPE! Your worth is not based on your size, tall, short, small or round, how many likes you get or what brand of clothing you wear. The world wants you to think differently but before you start to believe them, I’m going to let you in on a little SECRET ……Are you ready? The truth is, you brought your worth with you and NOTHING can change that. You were born with a divine purpose that only YOU can accomplish. The goal is to make good choices that are equal to your incredible value. You are more than ENOUGH.


We should be kind to EVERYONE, and when it comes to Who you surround yourself with choose your friends carefully. They will greatly influence how you think and act, and even help determine the person you will become. True friends will encourage each other to be their best self.

I also talked about the importance of music and reminded the girls that the desicions and choices they make now can cjhange gneration for the good and not so good.

Lyrics from the song I sang

I was raised to be brave

to stand up and stand out

to wear my name like in know

the people I came from and who I am now

I was born to stand tall

I was born to face the wind

I was born to feel heartbreak and heal again

born to open up my heart

Raise my hand and sing

born to feel the measure of my wings

to be a LIGHT in the storm I was born

Let's be strong women and girls who are not afraid to STAND up & STAND out!

Love, Jodi

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