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BYU single Adult Stake Morning-side

Often when doing a Fireside, I do not think to bring my Camera.......So, I have made a conscious effort to remember My Camera from here on out. It's been nearly five years that I have been doing firesides, and I want to remember all the wonderful experiences along the way. (Sad I didn't think of this sooner)

Thankfully President Doman suggested we take pictures.

Pictured: Michele Doman, Me, Sarah Bodine, President Kevin Doman

This Morning-side was a bit unique. We (Me and Sarah) were asked to come early at 6:45 am to be exact. We were to meet all the single adult sisters in the Gym to help with a service project they were doing. When I arrived and walked into the Gym, my heart was full, and I was moved to tears. It was packed! All these single sisters were there at 6:45 in the morning to do service. They were not there because they had to be; they were there because they wanted to be!

Happiness in this life doesn't come about because of the things that we have but because of the things that we give. It's so important that we give service to others that we increase our focus and see those around us that need to be taken care of and help. Thank you sisters for your example of faith and service.

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